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Michael Jackson Fans

Shamone - Michael Jackson Style
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A community for those who share a love of Michael Jackson


This community was created in the wake of Michael Jackson's passing and has been a place where fans from all over the world can come together to discuss, love, appreciate, and honor him.

We love him and miss him more as each days passes.

Membership is moderated

If you were rejected, it's probably because:
- Your journal is too new/empty
- You have no stats and your user info is completely empty

If you were rejected and an active member can vouch for you, please have them message the mods.

For those members who were removed from the community and not sure why, we recently had a clean out to get rid of troll accounts/inactive accounts. Please re apply for membership and we will get you back in.

- Please TAG your entries.

- Always link to or state your source.

- Do not hotlink pictures.

- Official pictures of Michael's children (approved by the Jackson family) are allowed as long as they are under a cut with a warning. No leaked or paparazzi pics/vids are allowed whatsoever.

- All videos and images that are bigger then 560px and long entries of any nature should be cut for length.

- One embedded video per post outside a cut. Additional videos and autoplay videos should be put behind a cut.

- If a tabloid article or anything NSFW/NC-17 is being posted, please make sure to place it behind a cut and put a warning for other members.

- Selling Michael Jackson memorabilia is allowed as long as it's through an official site (Ebay, Etsy, etc) but please keep in mind that it's your responsibility to protect your information and that if something happens, it's near impossible for us to help out.

- Do not start or fuel drama. Even if you disagree, you can still be respectful to other members. There is no need for name calling, harsh comments, and attacking other people for their view point. If you feel someone has taken a comment too far, please message one of the mods. Do not keep commenting and contributing to the drama.

- If you're seen causing problems in a post, we will give you a warning. After two warnings, you will be banned.

- When introducing yourself to the community, please use the standard Introduction Post format.

- If you have any concerns or questions you can contact us HERE
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